My name is Lil Chase and I write books

This is my website and I’m using it so you can get to know me and, hopefully, I can get to know you too.

These are my books

Who am I?

I was born in 1978 and have lived all my life in London. Oh, apart from a few months in 2000 when I worked in Disneyland Paris. I never got to be Mickey.

I was pretty ill when I was a teenager with a serious brain condition called hydrocephalus. The headaches came almost daily and I had eighteen brain surgeries. My family often says it explains why I’m one letter short of a qwerty keyboard. But when I was 23 I had the last operation and it completely cured the hydrocephalus! I’m now completely healthy and well. (But still one letter short of a qwerty keyboard.)

In my life I’ve tried a number of jobs; filled shelves in shops, cooked food in pubs, even had a dog that was a part-time model. At university I worked for Mills & Boon. (If you don’t know who Mills & Boon are, ask your grandma and watch her blush!) But now I work full time as an editor, creating and shaping stories. I love it!

When I’m not working, or seeing my friends, or family, or dishy doctor husband, I’m at a computer writing books.

How it started

I started writing BOYS FOR BEGINNERS when I was 11.

My books

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